Why hire a professional genealogist?

Maybe you’ve hit a wall in your research. Or maybe you’re not sure where to begin.

Your time is valuable. If you’re not sure where to look for traces of the past, why spend hours and hours spinning your wheels?

Work with a professional genealogist who has navigated these challenges, who knows the nooks and crannies of the historical record, and who can use social history context to solve complex family mysteries.

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What kinds of research services are available?

Family Trees

A professional genealogist can trace your ancestors back through the generations, along the way uncovering geographical origins, family circumstances, and even unexpected relationships.

Family Biographies

Most of our ancestors didn’t leave behind autobiographies or diaries to give insight into what their lives were like. But the historical record is full of small clues—if you know where to look. By piecing together strands from various sources, a professional genealogist can provide composite pictures of the lives that your ancestors led.

Record Retrieval

A professional genealogist can go directly to archival sources, obtaining copies of original records to give you proof of family connections and history. These documents also give you and your family a living record to pass down to future generations.


Planning to do the actual research yourself, but not sure where to begin? A professional genealogist can point you in the right direction—and save you a lot of time and money.

I found Scott’s research to be outstanding, professional and very inclusive. I am very pleased to say that Scott’s work was so satisfying to me, that I have [engaged him for] further research on this line of my family. I fully anticipate that I will use [Scott] to research several additional lines of my family heritage.

– Larry, Maryland, USA

I highly recommend Scott’s work. Scott was super responsive, took the time to clearly understand what I was hoping to “unravel.” I was so thrilled to receive my report from Scott. It was such a lovely story about my family — much more information than I was finding. The end result was a lovely narrative of my family tree, one that all my family members enjoyed reading and learning from!

– Lisa, Washington, USA

After hitting a brick wall in attempts to determine my Irish great-grandfather’s family, I asked Scott for help. I needed someone who had access to documents in the 1800s in the U.S. and Ireland. Scott set a scope of work that fit the next steps for research and my budget. His reports described in detail his work completed. I look forward to continuing with him in the near future.

– Barbara, Missouri, USA

Where do we look for clues?

Census & Voting Records

By establishing where our ancestors lived as well as their occupations, we open so many doors to learn more about the lives they led.

Land & Court Records

Deeds & land sales can shed light on families, their relationships, and their movements. Court records likewise can establish financial & family circumstances.


Whether a marriage announcement, an obituary, or simply making the local news, ancestors can show up in small ways that say a lot about the lives they led.

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Vital & Probate Records

Birth & death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce records, adoption files, and wills can be treasure troves of information on family relationships.

Military Records

Military records can provide a window not only into your ancestors’ service & their roles within particular military conflicts, but also can reveal family background & circumstance.

So many more places…

Naturalization & immigration records, passenger lists, travel records, local histories…there are so many records and documents that can reveal pieces of the past and form composites of your ancestors.

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