I can provide any number of research services, depending on the nature of your project.


Below are my most common research scenarios:

How far back can I trace my ancestry? Where do I come from? Who are my relatives?

I can trace your ancestors back through the generations, along the way uncovering geographical origins, family circumstances, and even unexpected relationships.

What was a particular ancestor’s life like? What happened to him/her?

Most of our ancestors didn’t leave behind autobiographies or diaries to give insight into what their lives were like. But the historical record is full of clues—if you know where to look. By piecing together strands from various records, I can provide composite pictures of your ancestors’ lives and circumstances.

Can you help me get records related to my ancestors?

I have professional access to a number of historical databases. As I research your family history, I can provide high-resolution digital copies of key records. Depending on the project, I can visit government and historical archives to obtain copies, or guide you through the process of ordering certified copies directly. (See my Rates & Fees page for more information).

Having copies of records will give you proof of family connections and history as well as a living record to pass down to future generations.

I want to research my family history myself, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Absolutely. If you want to take on the actual research yourself, I can offer you a consultation package. You’ll share with me what you know already as well as your overall research goals. I’ll assess the background that you provide and, through a subsequent consultation call, give you my recommendations for moving forward.