Before I can provide my free estimate, I’ll need to know about your goals:

  • What are you looking to find out?
  • Have you done any research or testing to date? Do you have materials or background you can share?

Get the ball rolling by filling out my quick inquiry form.


What happens next:

I’ll review what you send at no charge and provide you with an estimate for an initial round of research. It depends on the project, but I usually suggest starting with 10-15 hours. Once you’ve approved the estimate and submitted payment, I’ll begin work at first opportunity.

At the end of that first round (and any other round when we’re working together), I’ll provide you with a full summary report, copies of all historical records collected, and, if more work is needed, suggested strategies and estimates to move forward—all for your consideration.

I’ve found that working in smaller blocks of time and having frequent checkpoints with clients works really well for both sides.

Payment & approvals:

My hourly rate is $40/hour.

Before beginning each round of research, I require upfront payment as well as your acceptance of basic terms via a quick web form.

Payment methods:

  • Credit card via a secure online platform (Wave Financial)
  • PayPal
  • Check by mail


If a research round is likely to involve any of the following, I will provide projected expenses beforehand for your approval. For small expenses, we typically can take care of reimbursement at the end of a research round. If the projected expenses are significant, I may ask for a full or partial reimbursement up front.

  • Travel expenses outside of Columbus, Ohio area (e.g. car mileage, airfare, accommodations)
  • Original record orders
  • Photocopies


At the end of each round, I’ll write up a summary report of that round for you. I’ll outline what I’ve found, along with what records I’ve consulted; share digital copies of all historical records that I’ve collected; as well as make recommendations for further research.


It’s important to note that there are no guarantees in historical or genealogical research. Records may have been lost—or, depending on the period in history, may never have been taken in the first place. Sometimes, our ancestors simply slip through the cracks of history. So, while no genealogist or historian can guarantee success, I’ll exhaust every possible avenue to get you the answers you’re seeking.